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MyWayForward.com is the first online resource designed specifically for people who are working through the death of a loved one.  Our site offers:

  • Relevant, practical and survivor-specific content

  • Tools and checklists to help organize the survivor’s new roles and responsibilities

MyWayForward.com was created by Forte, LLC, the innovators of deceased customer relationship management (DCRM).  Forte is committed to transforming the way organizations deal with the deaths of their customers and their survivors. Forte offers a portfolio of integrated strategies and solutions that help organizations and survivors of their deceased customers successfully manage through this time of transition.

No matter what your situation - a survivor, a friend helping a friend, or a personal representative managing new administrative duties - we hope you continue to find the resources, comfort and support you need to move through the difficult time that brought you to our site.  We also encourage you to let us know if there is something we can do to make MyWayForward.com better for those who visit in the future.  

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Tools & Checklists

Tools and Checklists

These tools and checklists are designed to be printable and complement the content at MyWayForward.com.

Tool: Steps in the Probate Process

Tool: Steps in the Probate Process

3-9 Months After Death Checklist

3-9 Months After Death Checklist

9-12 Months After Death Checklist

9-12 Months After Death Checklist