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My spouse passed away. What happens to our joint mortgage?

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Am I eligible to receive a Social Security
Survivor benefit?

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What is probate?

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How do I know if
my grief has turned
into depression?

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What do I need to remember when
planning a funeral?

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Feature: Probate

The probate process can be confusing for survivors who have never experienced it. Probate procedures are different in almost every county in the United States, so it's important to fully understand the probate laws in the county where the estate resides. The clerk of court at the local courthouse can be helpful when searching for the applicable probate laws and understanding them.


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Feature: Complicated Grief

Several news articles have been published in recent months discussing complicated grief. Complicated grief is a newly recognized condition that people sometimes experience. Research shows that complicated grief differs from what one would consider "normal" grief and highlights the need for those who suffer from complicated grief to get the assistance they need.


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