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Support Groups

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Seeking Support, Finding Help

Support groups are organized groups of people who gather together to share similar experiences. The theory is that by surrounding yourself with people who are experiencing the same issues, you’ll be able to find understanding, acceptance and resources that can help you get through a difficult time. Support groups are usually led by someone with professional training, often in social work or a related field. The group exists to help one another and is especially effective when it seems like there’s no one else who understands what you are experiencing.

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Where to Find a Group?

There are numerous types of support groups available. Your healthcare provider likely knows of support groups that can help you cope with grief. If you feel uncomfortable going through a healthcare provider for any reason, a support group run by other organizations are likely active in your community. Searching online or consulting your Yellow Pages for grief support groups will yield numerous results, many of which can be tailored to your specific needs and location.

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One-Click Support

There are also many online-only support groups designed for people across the world to communicate and share their experiences with one another. Online groups can be advantageous as they can be attended right from your home, eliminating the need to go somewhere to get the help you need. There are a huge number of such sites available, but make sure to use one with qualified group leaders who are reputable and professional. GriefShare.org and DailyStrength.org are two well-known websites offering online support groups with qualified health practitioners to help you.

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